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John Holland is a composer, author, performer, and recording artist. He is Producer and Musical Director of The Chocolate Ear Online Music Series and has been the Producer and Director of the annual New Music at the Pozen Center series in Boston since 2004. He is also a regular participant with EMMA, the Electronic Music Series, in association with composers on the faculty of New England Conservatory.

Most recently Holland’s music has been performed in Boston at  the Pozen Center for Interrelated Media (Boston), in Jordan Hall and Brown Hall (New England Conservatory), Bartos Theatre (Media Lab, MIT), Pickman Hall (Longy School of Music), in New York at the Yamaha Piano Salon (NYC), Vassar College, and IBM (Yorktown).

John Schaefer, host of New Sounds on WNYC Radio in New York has cited Holland’s Natural Phenomena as “one of the notable CD’s of 2005.” Holland has been interviewed on National Public Radio for his recording of Music for a Small Planet.

Holland is an early pioneer in the Art/Science movement in America. He taught a college class for two decades that introduced artists to leading-edge ideas in the broad world of science. His online project Curious, an Introduction to Big Ideas in Nature, Science, and Art was launched in the Fall of 2011. In the early 1980′s Holland co-founded Nature and Inquiry, an artists group that meets weekly to discuss ideas in art and science. The group has presented work at the MIT Media Lab, the Harvard Smithsonian Observatory, Habitat Institute, The Copley Gallery, and others.

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