Symbiotica – A Cross-Cultural Mixup, Vol. 1

Complementary text: John Holland, Adaptation

1. Songbirds of Europe and North America (2004)  5:24

(recorded segments from Milton Babbitt Phonemena – Judith Bettina, Soprano – Milton Babbitt, Computer Sounds, and Luciano Berio Sequenza III – Luisa Castelliani, Soprano solo)

Complementary text: John Holland, A Contradiction

2. New and Ancient Voices (2005)  5:09

(recorded segments by AKA Pygmies – African Rhythms, Arnold Schoenberg – Pierrot Lunaire with soprano Christine Schafer and Ensemble Contemporain, Quasi Moto – The Further Adventures of Lord Quas)

3. Lingua Franca Nos. 1 – 4 (2004)  12:49

(a reconstruction of Pierre Boulez Piano Sonata No. 3, Formant 2: Trope played by Idil Biret, with digitally modified piano segments in the first two movements, and accompanying electronic sounds in the last two movements including alphabetic intonations in the final movement)

1. Glose
2. Texte
3. Parenthese
4. Commentaire

(Alternate Movement No. 4 – includes the voice of Gertrude Stein)

4. Musik Antique (2005)  3:58

(from recorded segments by Ensemble De Organographia and Atrium Musicae de Madrid on ancient instruments)

Complementary text: John Holland, Speculations on the Shape of the Universe

5. Astrobeats (2006)  4:07

(recorded segments include various pulsars recorded by radio telescopes, original percussion sequences, and electronically generated sounds)

6. Hello and Goodbye (2008)  8:21

(excerpts from piano music of Claude Debussy, Eric Satie, and Oliver Messian combined with original percussion music – recorded piano samples were selected from: Claude Debussy – various Preludes, Books I and II played by Krystian Zimerman and selected Etudes played by Garrick Ohlsson, Eric Satie – selected piano works played by Jean-Yves Thibaudet, Oliver Messiaen – Vingt regards sur l’enfant Jesus played by Joanna MacGregor)

Complementary text: John Holland, Happiness

7. The Blues (2007)  6:10

(Conlon Nancarrow Study No. 25 from Studies for Player Piano, and Billie Holiday singing I Can’t give You Anything But Love by Jimmy McHugh and Dorothy Fields with Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra, original electronic sounds)

8. Symphony of Episodes (2005)  13:36

(symphonic segments from Luciano Berio, Pierre Boulez, John Cage,
Elliott Carter, Charles Ives, Olivier Messiaen, Karlheinz Stockhausen,
Edgar Varese, Anton Webern; original electronic sounds)

Complementary text: John Holland, The Nature of Humor

9. Humoresque (2011)  5:32

(recorded segments from Antonin Dvorak Humoresque Op. 101, No. 7 for Violin and Piano – Zhou Quian, Violin, Edmund Battersby, Piano; Gioachino Rossini The Cat’s Duet – Elizabeth Soderstrom and Kerstin Meyer, sopranos, Jan Eyron, Piano; classic cartoon sound effects, and accompanying electronic sounds)